5 Best Ever Solutions For How To Work On The Go

5 Best Ever Solutions For How To Work On The Go


5 Best Ever Solutions For How To Work On The Go

Have you ever been waiting in a line somewhere and you are just itching to be doing something productive?  Or perhaps you’re waiting to pick up your child from school so you have a few minutes to kill in the car?

Hopefully you don’t just piddle away your time watch lame cat videos.  I know you’re better than that. 🙂

These small moments are actually great for getting some work done on the go.  But it can be tricky and annoying if you don’t have the right gear or systems in place to make it easy.

As someone who is a little addicted with squeezing in a little extra work in snippets here and there, I wanted to share some of the best tools for how to work on the go.

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Solutions To Work On The Go

Depending on the work that you do, if you:

  • run a blog
  • have a small business
  • work with clients

you likely have to keep on top of stuff no matter where you are.  And that’s frustrating when your phone dies on you, or your laptop got left at home.

Sometimes is can mean the difference between some free time for yourself at the end of the day, or having all those menial little tasks add up and you end up staying up late so they don’t bleed into tomorrow.

Here are some great options to getting things done and working on the go, faster, more efficiently, and most effectively.

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Portable Cell Phone Charger

I know you’ve got your charger at home, and your charger in your car.  But what if you’re not in either place?  This happens to me at the grocery store ALL the time.

I even got my husband a portable charger for his birthday so that he can be out playing Pokemon Go on his phone longer.  Now it’s making me really want one too.  So I added it to my registry.

They’re really inexpensive and you just need to make sure that you have the right cord type depending on which phone style you have.  Just remember to charge your backup battery too!

Apps To Sync All Your Files

I’m a fan of keeping all my files in the cloud so that I’m not toting around another brick of memory with me.  I’ve lost, then found again, flash drives and memory passports too many times.  I don’t like that feeling of thinking that I’ve lost something.

I don’t keep tons of stuff directly on my laptop either so that it doesn’t slow down it’s ability to function.  So I happily use a bunch of cloud storage.  That way I can access everything I need, even from my phone.


No matter which service you use, they all can pretty much save everything you need, just arranged and accessible in different formats.

  • Evernote – Here I keep notes for things that I don’t often access, but that I don’t want to forget.
  • OneDrive – I put all of our family documents here, tax returns, health records, all that stuff you really only need once but that you can’t through away.
  • Google Drive – All of my business related files are here so that I can sync everything through my Google account.
  • DropBox – As I collect agreements and documents for clients that I work with, I store them here for easy sharing with them.
  • AirTable – Here is where I keep all of my content calendars and reference spreadsheets, links, blog images, etc. that I use every day.
  • Asana – This is a digital project planning and task tracking software that’s better than the sticky notes on your wall.

Sometimes you can view your tables and files perfectly through the many different setups versus being on a desktop.  But it sure is handy to have everything in the palm of your hand when you need some vital info to keep working.

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Your Notebook and Planner

I’m still toting around a couple of different notebook for different purposes, plus my planner.  There’s something much more realistic and true about writing things down than typing it into your phone.  It’s committed to memory better and is less likely to be lost.

If you have a catch-all notebook for your work, home, or just life, keep it right in your purse with everything else.  I have notebooks that are spiral bound, hardbound, and then with magnetic clasps and bookmarks.  My planner is a plain, generic one I picked up at my local grocery store, but I found some right here.

Unlimited Data

If you’re a heavy cellphone user, you likely get frustrated when you run out of data and get overage charges.  No matter what service you have, it’s just easier to have unlimited data.  Then you never have to weigh the balance of stress between getting work done and the stress of paying more for data.  Simple.

Internet Hotspot

If you enjoy sitting in a cafe to work for a few hours and don’t want to use the free wifi, it’s great to have a portable hotspot just for you.  I have yet to try one of these.  But when I make the move I will definitely let you know!

Then you can rest assured that your network isn’t being hacked so easily as wifi and you can still focus on dealing with sensitive information while you work.  Sometimes your cell phone can act as a hotspot.  Check with your carrier to be sure.

But if not, you can use a portable hotspot that just stays in your laptop back so that it’s ready whenever you are.

Portable Car Desk

Funny as it may sounds, you can have a simple setup in the front seat of your car that really serves you.

Recently, I was stuck in the entry ramp to a parking garage for half an hour the other day.  The ticket machine was broken and the barrier arm would budge so that cars could enter the garage.  So a line of us had to sit and wait because there’s no way we could turn around or even backup.

I sat there and did some tasks on my phone.  But I really wanted my laptop so that I could do something that was a priority not easily done on my phone.  Did I have my laptop?  Even if I did, did I have something that would allow me to use it easily?  No.

When I got home that night, I tried to find something that would help me for the next time this happened to me.  Here’s what I found:

Something Is Better Than Nothing

If I had to just pick ONE thing from this list, it would be the portable cell phone charger.  That I need more than anything else, and you likely do too.  No matter what your work tasks entail, you could always use some more battery power.

Ask for something that will help you get your work done on the go.  That way, you have less to do when you get home, thus MORE time with the hubby and kids.

So Mother’s Day is coming up.  Instead of getting the same old flowers and card, ask for something this time.  Ask for something that will help you get your work done on the go.  That way, you have less to do when you get home, thus MORE time with the hubby and kids.  Everybody benefits. 🙂

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This list isn’t exclusive, but it’s what I would invest in for working on the go.

  • portable cell phone charger
  • apps for my files
  • my notebook and planner
  • unlimited data
  • internet hotspot
  • portable desk for the car

Hopefully even just a few of these items will help you get much more done while on the go.  I want you to enjoy more of your life when you’re not on the go.  I’m sure you do too.

If you’re wanting to create more of a lifestyle where you have this flexibility to work on the go, I would highly recommend that you start with a blog.  It’s much easier than people think, and I highly recommend it.

>> Here’s The Easiest Way To Start A Blog <<

Maybe you already have a bunch of tools that you already use for easier life on the go.  With so many options and variety of technology nowadays, it’s amazing when you meet someone who doesn’t use much of it.

How do you work on the go?


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