7 Top Blogging Tools Guaranteed To Make Your Blogging Easier

7 Top Blogging Tools Guaranteed To Make Your Blogging Easier


7 Top Blogging Tools Guaranteed To Make Your Blogging Easier

If you’re a blogger, you know that it’s impossible to get your work done, make progress, or even enjoy what you do without some awesome blogging tools.

The digital world is so amazing right now, there is a tool, app, or software to do just about anything.

Top Blogging Tools

The right blogging tools will save you a lot time, headache, and work, especially when it comes to getting your blog out into the world.  You can’t keep up with all of social media, every email campaign, or a million spreadsheets.  You’ll just end up confused.

The right blogging tools will save you a lot time, headache, and work.

Here are the tools to solve those problems:

  • AirTable
  • Asana
  • Sniply
  • Canva
  • Tailwind
  • BoardBooster
  • Social Warfare

These are 7 of the top blogging tools you need to keep everything running smoothly with your blog or business.  I use each of these everyday and love them!  You’ll see why.

Wealthy Affiliate Blogging Tools


I first learned about AirTable from a Facebook comment.  A gal had shared that she loved her AirTable because it was like Trello, Google Docs, iCalendar, Excel, and Dropbox had a baby!  Her words, not mine.

So after reading that, of course I had to check out this fantastic tool.  I twiddled around with it and was instantly hooked.  I still use it to this day.  You can:

  • create spreadsheets
  • keep track of your content in a calendar view
  • manipulate your schedules and tasks in boards
  • upload files and images in any format
  • save links, documents, even calculations
  • view your images as a gallery
  • link records across accounts

It’s pretty awesome!  I specifically use my AirTable for tracking all of my:

  • affiliate links, logins and passwords
  • images and pins for posts and promotions
  • my editorial calendar where I can drag and drop my schedule, even save all of my links
  • daily and weekly sharing group schedules

AirTable is completely free and well worth migrating over to.  If you’re worried about it’s comparison to Trello, have no fear. Every function in Trello, I have found in AirTable, but presented in an even simpler way.  You can still leave comments, communicate with teammates, and share anything you create as desired.

AirTable Top Blogging Tools


This tool is your completele project management system.  Can you create, track, and manipulate your projects in a variety of ways with Asana.  It’s fantastic for teams that all need access to project information, but I simply use it on my own just fine.

You can do a bunch of things with Asana:

  • create lists or board views with all your project tasks
  • give items assigned dates along a timeline and calendar in order to meet deadlines
  • drag and drop tasks as needed
  • assign tasks to certain team members
  • leave comments and notes pretty much anywhere
  • have a dashboard that tracks the metrics of your progress
  • sort your tasks by project, date, or priority
  • break up single tasks into more detailed task lists

Until I started using Asana, I would write down everything I needed to do and try to just put them in my planner.  But things were out of order, or I never had a complete listing of everything I needed to do.  I would forget where I wrote something down.  Or I would get annoyed if I had started to work on something that actually needed to happen after something else.

With Asana I can shift dates, priorities, and tasks as much as I need.  But now I don’t lose track of everything I need to accomplish.  I can view everything on a calendar, or in a list how I like.  Sometime soon I hope to be using Asana with my own full fledged team!

Asana Top Blogging Tools


Have you ever linked out to another blog or website from one of your posts and prayed that no one clicks on that link?  It’s a tough feeling.  You insert links to other places because you know it’s good for growth and SEO.  But then you wonder if those readers ever even come back.  There’s almost a fear behind losing that reader.

Fear no more!  Sniply is a tool that allows you create little popup calls to action when your viewer clicks away from your site.  Say you link out to a reputable article for a statistic that you reference, and your reader clicks on it.  If you’re using Sniply, the reader will see a little message window with your brand, a message, and a button to come back to your original blog.

That way they’re reminded about how they got to the site they’re on, and have a way to come back more easily.  It helps you stay in the mind of your reader longer while still achieving the technical benefits.  Plus it’s free for your first 20,000 link clicks or so.

Sniply Best Blogging Tools


I love Canva!  I’m not a graphic designer. Canva makes it easy to become one. Canva is a fantastic tool that has hundreds of premade templates for your graphic design needs.  Here’s just a sampling:

  • blog images
  • Pinterest pins
  • social media graphics
  • print sized letterhead
  • custom pixel sizes

Here’s the basic process of using Canva:

  1. select what type of graphic you want to create
  2. upload any images you’re using, or select one from their database
  3. add text, shapes, icons, or other graphics
  4. then download as the desired file type you want

They save all your designs and you have unlimited space to work with.  Everything is drag and drop capable.  If you upgrade to Canva For Work, they have even more options for storing your branding details, even resizing the same graphic to a different graphic type, all with the click of a button.

I’ve created hundreds of graphics in Canva and will use them for as long as they exist!

Canva Tools For Bloggers


If Pinterest is a big part of your social media marketing strategy (which is should be) Tailwind is a lifesaver of a tool.  It’s so simple to do many, many things with Tailwind that I fall in love with it every time I use it.  Here’s a sampling:

  • schedule all of your pins at exact times, or optimized times
  • optimize your pinning schedule based on your account history
  • share your pin content with others in tribes
  • use the browser extension to schedule right from any image
  • track all analytics on your pins, boards, and virality
  • go back and forth between multiple accounts without needing to log in and out
  • find suggestions for new pins to schedule
  • and even handle your Instagram

I haven’t even explored all of the functionality with Tailwind yet and am blown away by how powerful it is.  Gone are the days of pinning manually from your Pinterest feed and boards.

Tailwind is your main solution for Pinterest.  You can even get $15 off your account as a new member.

Tailwind Blogging Tool For Pinterest


Now, as of this writing, there is one thing that Tailwind can’t do. Tailwind cannot do looping of your pins.  Looping is where you have an old pin on the bottom of a board repinned to the top of the same board.  Say you have a ‘Best of your blog’ board.  All of your new followers won’t see your older content in their feed automatically because it’s already been pinned.

Boardbooster has the capability of looping your older pins to the top of your pin feeds.  Until Tailwind has this functionality (which I hear they’re working on) I will continue to use Boardbooster just for this. Boardbooster creates secret boards automatically for you that you can continually pin from on a loop too, if desired.

Boardbooster also has some analytical tracking, but not as much.  They have campaign options just like Tailwind, but it’s more like pulling from a library of pins verses you going in and adding exactly what you want pinned each week.

Boardbooster does have a feature that I really like that Tailwind does not. Boardbooster can scout out really popular pins based on keyword criteria that you assign.  I have my Boardbooster also automatically finding great pins on certain topics that automatically get pinned to certain boards.  That way I’m not combing my feed constantly either.

So you have to weigh your options.  But I still feel that Boardbooster is still worth looking into if you’d like to simply upload all of your pins to a single place and let Boardbooster handle the rest.  It’s only a penny a pin, and you can get started with Boardbooster right here.

Boardbooster Blogging Tools for Pinterest

Social Warfare

My latest favorite blogging tool is the Social Warfare plugin.  I’ve used a number of free plugins and services that run on scripts in order to allow viewers to share my content.  But until I started seeing this fantastic share bar on some of my favorite blogs did I wonder what I was missing out on.

The huge advantage that Social Warfare has over all other sharing plugins is that you can specify exactly what images, descriptions, and keywords to use whenever someone clicks the share button.  Other services can pull up hundreds of weird images with unkempt descriptions, or post the wrong sized image automatically.  It can be frustrating.

When you’ve worked so hard to get someone to share your content, then when it’s delivered on the back end to Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever, it can often look just WRONG. Social Warfare eliminates that worry because you tell it exactly what to do.

It even has the awesome ‘Click to Tweet’ button people can use to tweet out your posts.  You do have to invest a little to get this plugin, but it’s totally worth it to me.  You can customize it too so there’s no worry that it’s going to detract from your blog.

Social Warfare Plugin

The Best Tools Don’t Replace Hard Work

Now before you run off and get too excited, remember that no one tool is going to make your blog an absolute success.  Sometimes we get mixed up in the sparkly things that add awesome bells and whistles to our blog, but then we get lax about the important stuff.

Creating great content will always be king in this online digital world.  The tools just make it easier for you do just that.  So if something isn’t working for you, there’s no reason why you have to keep using it.  Don’t invest in something that ends up wasting more time or distracting you from real work.  Be smart, be savvy, and you’ll find success!

Ready to take your blogging to the next level and turn it into a full fledged business?  Get the full list of all the tools I use to run my business right here.

What are your favorite blogging tools?


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