About Sarah Beth Prince

Inspirational Speaker, Eloquent Trainer, Author, and Founder of ILLUMINATE.

Sarah Prince is an inspirational speaker, group coaching trainer, creator of the Breakthrough To Your Beautiful Life podcast, author, and founder of the ILLUMINATE event experience.  As one of the world’s leading awareness experts, Sarah inspires and transforms the lives of audiences and her clients all over the world.  She’s an experienced coach and mentor for pregnant mothers, working mothers, and coaching mastermind groups in small business.

Sarah attributes much of her success to her relentless drive for growth, and her fascination of our personal perceptions and awareness in our own lives.  She helps those who are committed, driven, and high achievers, to find more of the fulfillment and joy they thought their successes would bring.  She shows them how to connect deeply from within in order to provide a way for their desires to unfold from the inside out.

She quickly and easily connects with audiences and isn’t afraid to work intimately with groups ready for massive change.  Her key focus within her transformational experiences is the absolute results and essential next steps for every individual involved.  She has been featured on a number of stages and online publications such as Rebelpreneur Radio, and Spotlight on Voice America.

Sarah and her husband are the parents of three rambunctious boys, and she highly values her role in her family and teaching her children the importance of creating a life full of exhilarating experiences.  When she isn’t speaking all over the world on stages or working with her clients, she’s traveling with her family and playing endless games.  She’s always reading a new book and will never say no to dark chocolate.

Sarah’s future aspirations in the works include changing the world’s view and understanding of perception, creating a chain of Growth Centers all over the world, and founding a charity organization committed to educating and supporting natural birthing mothers.