Are You Still Wasting Money On Grocery Shopping Coupons?

Are You Still Wasting Money On Grocery Shopping Coupons?


Are You Still Wasting Money On Grocery Shopping Coupons?

If you’ve ever tried to clip coupons, have you noticed how they’re for the MOST expensive brands in the store?  Next time you shell out $3.50 for that name brand box of cereal (even after a coupon), see how much cheaper the generic version is.

For me, all that time finding the coupons is often a waste because I know that buying generic is cheaper.  That’s why I’m not a big coupon clipper.  I also don’t want to take the time searching ads, let alone drive to multiple stores every single week.

So I consistently use a service that has really made a HUGE difference in the way that I grocery shop.  And I wanted to share it with you because it takes ALL the work out of grocery shopping and meal planning.

What To Use Instead Of Grocery Shopping Coupons

If you haven’t heard of Deals To Meals, you need to check out their service! It’s super simple to use and has saved me hundreds of dollars a year.  As a family of four when I first started using Deals To Meals a few years ago, we were spending over $800 a month on groceries!  And my boys were still a baby and toddler!

Now, after getting smart and using Deals To Meals, we spend around $500 a month for a family of five.  What could you use with an extra $300 each month?  I’ve certainly put it to use.  So that’s why I tell EVERYONE about Deals To Meals because it’s seriously life changing for your budget.

Deals To Meals

How Deals To Meals Works

So what they do is compare all of the ads for most all of the grocery stores in the entire U.S., and they let you know what sale items are CHEAPER than what you can get at Costco or Walmart.

You can select which specific stores to compare based on where you live.  Then you simply make a grocery list from the best priced items.  From there you can do even more!

You have access to an entire week’s meal plan based on the top sales items for that week.  They provide

  • the recipes,
  • portions,
  • and even where to get the items.

It’s a one stop solution that is fantastic!

All you have to do is login to, pick the grocery stores you want to shop at, and then you’ll have access to all of the best deals in your area.

They also rank the weekly deals to help you know which items are great, good or just “okay” deals. This helps you know which items you should stock up on to save the most money.  And you don’t even have to worry about coupon clipping!

How Much Is Deals To Meals?

Normally, the service is normally only $4.95 a month.  Can you believe that?!  With what we’ve been able to save each month, the tiny cost is worth everything even from the very beginning.

But the best part is that because it’s now their 10 year anniversary, they’re dropping their rates to $3.50 per month when you sign up for a year!  There’s no contract required and they have a money back guarantee.  It’s literally the best time to sign up in the history of their service.

Check out this comparison chart of the different services offered on the web. Deals To Meals is by far the best value, and most thorough service on the web. 


Wait, There’s More

With the purchase of a membership you also get a FREE 28 Day Healthy Meal Plan eBook (value $10). This is their way of saying thank you for trying their service and to celebrate their 10 year anniversary of being in business.  Worth it even without the eBook, I say.  But every little bit helps! 

Hope you soon love Deals To Meals the way I do!  These great deals end March 31st, 2017, so you’ve only got about a week for the cheaper rate! Get signed up and let me know if you have any questions about their service.

Pricing Image

How To Get This Deal

Now make sure that you’re getting the special pricing deal.  Here’s what you need to do:

1 )  Go to Deals to Meals ( and click on the “Free Trial” button on the left.

2 )  Fill in all of the information and click “Continue” (do NOT continue to PayPal from the free trial process).

3 ) Send an email to “” to make sure and let them know I sent you to get this lower pricing! This needs to be done during your two-week free trial.  Your account will then be created.

Then once they’ve confirmed the special rate for you, you can pay for the service one of two ways.

Send money via PayPal:  With this option you can run everything through your PayPal account automatically.  

  1. Log-in to your PayPal account and click on the blue “Send Money” tab at the top of the page.
  2. On the next page enter “” as the email.
  3. Enter $42 for a one year membership and mark the “Goods” option, then click “Continue.”

They’ll get a confirmation email from PayPal and apply the credit to your account.

Or, you can pay by check.

Send a check:  This way isn’t automatic, so you will receive a notice once your year is up to continue your subscription. 

  1. Make the check payable to “Deals to Meals” for $42.
  2. Mail to:  Deal To Meals, 5526 West 13400 South #502, Herriman, UT, 84096.

If you pay by check, send them a quick email ( and they’ll activate your account as they wait for the check to arrive.

Grocery University

Why I Continue To Love Deals To Meals

Even though I don’t price match at Walmart or spend a lot of time visiting a bunch of stores every week, I still find tons of value from Deals To Meals.  I select the single Kroger store that I shop at, along with Costco, and just pick off the items that are cheaper than Walmart each week.

That way I know that I’m still getting basic staples like meat and produce for excellent prices without having to price match.  Then I just try to stock up on the meal and other items we regularly buy so that there’s plenty until another sale comes around again.

It’s completely worth it to me.  I no longer have to stress over:

  • price matching
  • comparing ads
  • finding coupons
  • planning meals
  • figuring out recipes

Deals To Meals does it ALL.  That’s why I wanted to make sure that you knew about them.  So don’t wait any longer.  🙂

>> Start Saving With Deals To Meals <<

Let me know if you have any questions at all about how to use their system.  It’s really easy and they have tutorials and guides, along with many other resources on their blog.  I know that you’ll enjoy their service immensely!

How do you currently grocery shop and meal plan?


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