Speaker House Magazine

Featured Article and Upcoming Author, January 2019

Was wonderful working with Allison H. Larsen again!  In this exclusive edition of her magazine, Speaker House, I was honored to feature an article on the truth about self love.  As we start this new year, it’s essential to understand what this really means for each of us.  

Read the article and view the full magazine here.  

Elite Expert Insider

Podcast Guest, November 2018

Had a great time speaking with Jenn Foster and Melanie Johnson of Elite Online Publishing.  They help aspiring authors become best sellers.  We had a great conversation about finding flow in your life amidst daily struggling tasks, whether in everyday life or at work.

Watch a video of the broadcast or listen right here.  

Sarah Prince Elite Expert Insider

Spotlight:  The Allison H. Larsen Show on Voice America Radio

Special Guest Interview, Phoenix October 2018

Spotlight: The Allison H. Larsen Show is about spotlighting people who have transformed their lives and are now working to transform the lives of others. As you listen to our guests’ stories and learn about the work they are currently doing, you will be inspired to improve your own life and live your passion and inspire the world.

I was honored to speak alongside Diana Wentworth as we talked about Love & Legacy.  I shared 3 tips for increasing the joy and fulfillment in your life that you can implement right now.

Listen to the full broadcast right here!

Spotlight: Allison H Larsen Show

Power of You Podcast

Guest Host, September 2018

I was honored to be the first guest host on the Power of You Podcast, hosted by Daryl Shaun Price.  To compliment his message of becoming in tune with your higher self, I talked about your inner being and how to tap into that most important part of you.

Listen right here!

The Power of You Podcast with Daryl Shaun Price

Research Shows Chronic Lack of Support for Female Executives

Press Release, July 2018

Women in tech industries face drastic challenges in a variety of areas with coworker relations, career advancement, general family and personal care issues, financial burdens, and many mental and emotional stressors to deal with on a daily basis.

Read the full article here.

As Seen On

How To Escape Your Realistic Life and Find Real Fulfillment

Interview with Ralph Brogden, Rebelpreneur Radio, Chicago, June 2018

Read the article here, or listen to the broadcast here.

Sarah Prince_ How to Escape Your Realistic Life and Find Real Fulfillment