Your Action Items:

  • Watch the above welcome video.
  • Sign the contract (sent to you in the welcome email).
  • Make your first payment (invoice sent via Paypal/Wave).
  • Share any needed usernames and passwords with me inside of a Google Doc or email.
  • Watch for any upcoming project plans I may be putting together for you.
  • Schedule your next call for any next steps, if needed.

Schedule Your Next Call

How I Work

Getting In Touch With Me

The best way to reach me is by email, and I reply to all emails no later than with 24 hours (excluding Sundays).  If you need to get in touch with me immediately, texting works best.  My phone number is (435) 770-8248.

My business hours are 12pm to 6pm mountain time, Monday through Friday.  During weekdays, you can expect replies much faster than on Saturdays.  I do not work on Sundays or respond to any messages then unless you’re family. 🙂

Rush Jobs

I understand that things come up and you might need immediate help.  For rush jobs that are not standard recurring tasks, you will be charged an extra $35/hour separately.  If less than 24 hours notice is given for tasks with sudden deadlines, you will be charged $40/hour.


I take off most U.S. federal holidays such as:

  • New Years
  • Easter
  • Fourth of July
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

You’ll be notified 1-2 weeks prior if any other vacations are planned.


Referrals are my favorite way to gain new clients!  Anytime that you generously make a referral, please let me know.  If the new client follows through and books services with me, I will give both of you 10% off your next payment as a thank you!  

Feel free to forward my VA media kit to anyone you’d like to refer.  You can download that PDF here.  


I follow a strict confidentiality code with all of my clients.  No information that you share will be divulged outside of our business relationship.  Please see further details in your contract agreement.


Typically the work that I do for my clients requires me to have access to the log-in information for multiple applications and accounts.  If you’re uncomfortable sharing that information in a document, schedule a time with me to discuss.

I look forward to this being a lasting business relationship!

*If you’d like to further support my business capabilities for you, feel free to check out my Business Registry.  Thank you!