Learning How To Dream Again

Episode 002 – Learning How To Dream Again

This episode will get your imagination going full throttle! Sarah will guide you through some simple questions and prompts to help you remember and dream up those desires that you’ve had in the past, or even new ones to explore.  You’ll learn how envisioning your dreams and why it’s so easy can contribute to breaking through to the life you love.

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  1. Hey Sarah, not sure if you remember me from The Good Old Valley Days (Rachel Froerer, now Rachel Child) but I’ve seen some of your posts in the past and decided to click on one today. This podcast was a good one for me. It’s funny because I’ve recently been talking to my husband about how I feel like I’ve lost my ability to dream for things I want in my future. This was a really good starting point to get me at least thinking again. Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to hear more of what you have to offer.

    1. Hi Rachel! Of course I remember you. 🙂
      I’m glad this came to you at the right time. I believe things happen that way for a reason and know that since you were searching for it, that’s why it came to you. So wonderful!
      Yes, I will definitely have more things coming. Let me know if you want to here and learn about anything in particular. Have a wonderful day!

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