You Already Have All The Answers That You Need

Episode 005 – You Already Have All The Answers That You Need w/ Michele Lewis

This episode has a special guest!  Michele Lewis of Soul Shine Live, digs deep into the possibilities of what resides within our intuition.  Michele and Sarah talk about this idea that we can simply ask and listen for the answers that we need in the very moment.  Michele talks about everyday situations where you can use this technique and how simple it is.

Have you ever wondered how people seem to receive all the answers to their questions?  Or have you tried to figure out how to tap into your intuition, but didn’t know if you were doing things right?  This episode cover the simple habits and steps you can take to tap into your own answers from your higher source.

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If you want to connect with Michele on her platforms, you can find her here!  She has a Facebook group where she’s constantly sharing insights, and her You Tube channel where she provides daily value.  Feel free to connect!

Michele the Soul Shine Specialist

Michele Lewis Soul Shine Live

Text: 801-382-8745

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