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Personal Development

Make Over Your MorningsMake Over Your Mornings

The peaceful time of day that should be enjoyed can turn into a nightmarish mess.  Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings course help you create the routines you want to set up your day for success.  After having children, I thought that I would never get my mornings back.  Now I’m so glad that I did!  Make a difference for every day with this course.



The Compound EffectThe Compound Effect

I love this book!  For years I was frustrated about how things weren’t happening like I wanted.  After reading The Compound Effect, I now fully understand exactly how all the little efforts I make add up to overnight successes.  It can be the same thing for you too.  I recommend this book to everyone!




The ONE ThingThe ONE Thing

For a long time I had trouble learning how to focus and channel my efforts. The ONE Thing helped me see clearly how distractions can literally ruin all my efforts every single day.  If you’re looking to get those projects done or feel like you’re moving forward in life, get this book.





Eat That FrogEat That Frog

Are you a procrastinator?  I used to be a BIG one.  Until I read Eat That Frog, I was never able to make much headway in my ambitions.  Here you’ll learn all the awesome tips the efficient and productive people implement everyday to get stuff done.  Grab a copy to enjoy!





Unlimited Power by Tony RobbinsUnlimited Power

If you don’t already love Tony Robbins, you soon will.  In this bestseller, Unlimited Power, he teaches the mindset and awareness you need to create a much better life.  I have personal had my eyes opened to a whole knew world of understanding about myself and my loved ones from this book.  Don’t wait to read this!