How to Have Greater Consistency in Your Life

How to Have Greater Consistency In Your Life with This Quick Trick


Consistency is always inconsistent for most of us. If it is so simple to create a habit by doing something for 21+ days, then how come we can’t stick to doing that ‘thing’ for that long? Weeks fly by and we do the things we must (sleep, eat, etc.) and they’re lifestyle habits. Yet building a new one that isn’t essential to stay alive seems to always take so much more effort.

I’m not going to dig into the reasons why someone is blocked or procrastinating. I’m simply going to share a single tool that has seemed to help me stay consistent. Ready?

How to Have Greater Consistency with This Tool

So far, my use of it has proved worth while and efforts in some small measure thus far. Yet I know that when we keep in mind what we do NOW, that is where we will be in a few months.

As I have implemented this tool, I actually look forward to doing it and building on my other habits more and more. Now, of course, there are a ton of other factors in my life that have likely helped me be more or less consistent (especially right now). So I can’t say that this single thing will become a transformational miracle for you overnight. However, everything plays a part, and the pieces of YOUR puzzle will start to fit together more than ever, and only you will notice.

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My Lack of Consistency was Hurting My Relationship

So I’ve been dating a wonderful man, Justin, for almost two years now. Now Justin is much more consistent than me. I’d say over 90% of the time he sticks to what he intends to do and follows through without much complaint. He busts his ass at work even when he hates an aspect of the job, or he’s dealing with extreme conditions (constructions sites, hello!).

I, on the other hand, have always moved with my habits as an ebb and flow over time. For example, I’ll workout 4-5 days a week for a month, and then I’ll skip a few weeks. I’ll write chapters in my book and record a new podcast every single week for 10 weeks. Then I don’t pick either of them back up until I realize that I had forgotten them in the first place. Yet, I’ve always come back to the things I KNOW I want and need to do at least within a few months. But I always seem to lose momentum. (Dangit!)

I tried figuring out if it’s just a female thing because of hormones, or if it’s my mental wiring and personality. After probably wasting too much time on figuring out the cause (that likely didn’t matter), I decided that it’s likely both and that I shouldn’t worry about “fixing” the problem. But just create a new solution.

Wanting Greater Consistency For More Than Just Me

It hit me hard one day when Justin was frustrated me with about how I was inconsistent with something. The I became frustrated with him because I was triggered that he didn’t “get” the fact that this is “who I am,” right? Ladies, you know what I mean.

I remembered that I want to change ME for a better US.”

Soon I remembered that I want to change ME for a better US. I’ve been working on making HIS needs MY needs, thanks to a mentor that recently taught me that. So I buoyed up a new effort to become more consistent for him, and I still trust that it’s going to spill over into other areas of my life naturally. I no longer “force” it to happen.

After that, and putting this little tool into place, that I’ll teach you in a moment, my consistency has certainly increased. It’s been over a month for sure, maybe even two that I’ve likely hit over 95% of a few of my desired habits one day at a time. And I’m still able to build upon them as each new day arises. At least, that’s the goal, and something’s working.

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The Power of Numbers To Increase Your Consistency

This tool is just a pattern of writing down a certain set of numbers. Let me explain. I have an energy healer friend that I have worked with and I was listening in on one of her trainings. She taught me that because everything is made of energy, and just like how words carry certain energy, numbers do too. And every number has a specific meaning, vibration, or idea attached to it.

When you combine these numbers, their meaning is magnified to support or be a detriment to an infinite number of things or concepts in our personal lives. The intention then is to use a combination of numbers to support whatever energy you want to hold, further incorporate, or have at a better higher level in your life. These number combinations are called Grabovoi Codes.

So I found the code for the idea of consistency, and that number combination is 34156494. My friend taught me that I can write that number 55+ times per day and the energy for consistency will increase for me. I jumped on this because I know that what we write, say, intent, and do literally creates our life. And I LOVE writing! My morning routine is a few hours long because I thoroughly enjoy journaling, planning, etc. Adding this to my routine was an easy go for me.

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Why This Works With Easy Intentions

It can be done anywhere, just as long as I have a pen and paper. I created a simple spreadsheet table that I can print out with 55 cells in it. Then I just write 34156494 in each of those blocks while I’m listening to a motivational podcast or meditative focus music. And guess what? Something’s working.

The simple act of writing 34156494 and letting go of trying to force more consistency in my life has resulted in more consistency for me! I can’t say this will work perfectly for you. You may think I’m nuts. If you don’t get quantum physics this may have gone over head. No worries, you don’t have to know that science.

How to Use Number Codes In Your Life

If you get living a heart centered or connected life with your higher power, this may be easy for you to accept and try. Either way, what will it hurt? Even if you don’t consider yourself to be spiritual or energetically focused for creating your life, here’s how you can put these numerical codes into action for helping whatever life situation you have.

  1. Lookup the code for what you want more of or improved in your life. Use and search anything.
  2. Decide how you want to apply the code during your daily routines. Here are a few ideas:
    • write the code down 55 times
    • put the code on a piece of paper or crystal that you can keep on your person or under your pillow at night
    • visualize the code as light that enters your body during a visualization
    • say the code as a mantra during a meditation
  3. Apply your chosen method daily.
  4. Watch changes in your life after a few weeks around the intentional code you’ve chosen.

When you put an intention out there to better a part of your life and follow through with the applicable actions, you’re going to see change for the better. In my case, it was for greater consistency to act on the things that I knew would make me better and my relationship better.

When you put an intention out there to better a part of your life and follow through with the applicable actions, you’re going to see change for the better.

By no means have I perfected my habits and built 100% consistency in all areas of my life. But I am seeing improvement. I am observing a shift in the direction that I want to go.

Your Efforts Will Bring The Desired Results However Minute

When you do the same, you’re going to see tiny signs and notifications that things are working more in your favor. You’ll find it’s easier and easier to do the thing or things you’ve wanted to be more consistent at. Your procrastination will decrease. Your motivation will increase. The feeling of momentum will start to pickup and propel itself in your life.

Even the tiniest bits of movement are enough to get the snowball rolling bigger and bigger down the hill. The key is consistency. And if you’ve struggled with your own consistency like I have, give this a try and see how your intentions benefit you. See how your conviction in yourself begins to grow with what you can do and accomplish every day.

How has this worked for you? What codes did you select for yourself to apply if not the one for consistency? What problems are you seeing still pop up after applying this technique? Let me know and we’ll tackle your situation for a better tomorrow. I believe in you.


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