How You Can Reach An Ideal Well Being With This Simple Path

How You Can Reach An Ideal Well Being With This Simple Path


I’ve created a diagram outlining the aspirations of women, a projection of how things are currently going wrong and right for you, and also how you can start moving toward what you need.

Your ideal well-being is subject to different interaction areas of your life, namely your experience with:

  • yourself
  • loved ones
  • associates

All these of these play key roles in supporting your true livelihood.  Livelihood can be defined as all areas of your life.  Each of these interactions builds upon one another.


Self Nourishment Cannot Be Overlooked

Your experience with yourself is the largest foundation piece.  The next to be kept in place is your experience with your loved ones, such as your husband, family, and friends.  Next comes your experiences with associates, such as in business, colleagues, clients, etc.

When one level of your livelihood is not strong is sufficiently supported by your continuous efforts in life, that level cannot support the levels above.  What I see women like you doing is you are constantly  trying to pull well-being from somewhere in order to keep your contribution to your career and your relationships with your family alive.  But what is taken away is from your own self nourishment.

It’s like playing the game of Jenga with the energy of your livelihood.  Imagine the building blocks of Jenga, and as you progress through the game you’re continuously pulling from building blocks down below in order to build a higher tower.

This is what’s constantly happening in your life.  Except there’s absolutely no building blocks down below with yourself.  So you’re constantly pulling the blocks out from your own feet and the environment you’ve be taught to be in doesn’t teach you how to support yourself as such.

Make Over Your Mornings

A Solid Thriving Foundation

What this model portrays are the key things that need to be nurtured in your well-being in order for your entire life to feel like it’s thriving, for that fulfillment you’ve always been seeking to become a constant figure in your life.  With yourself, you have to learn how to personally nourish your mind, body, and spirit so it’s a solid brick that can’t be taken from.

Then in developing your well-being with your loved ones it takes true energetic connection from a mental standpoint for those relationships to flourish.  But when the ‘self’ level is fully fortified, it is easier to build connection with family and friends.  Similarly the next level up, in order to have the best interactions with your colleagues, your creative talents and contribution needs must be met.  Again, it’s always easier to fortify any level of your experience when the previous levels are taken care of.

The stronger each layer in turn, the stronger the one above it, going higher and higher in turn.  But when you doesn’t have the skills and awareness to fortify your mental wellness to keep your entire livelihood strong at each level, it will crumble.  The key, wrapped around everything is through mental wellness, mental health, mental awareness.  Without it, you stay in an overly stressed state, constantly pulling out blocks to pile on the top of your life in effort to achieve more, while dragging and depressed that things aren’t turning out the way you thought.

By implementing mental wellness and proper self-nourishment in your life, you will rise to to a level of stress virtually gone, and you’ll feel that excited exhilaration again just like when you had big plans and dreams for your life.

But again, we come full circle to the main cause of the problem.  There are not many support programs that are well known for supporting you in this way, especially as breadwinners, and mothers.  May I suggest a simple road map to fulfilling the well-being you need as outlined in the mental wellness ideal as shown above?

The Road Map Every Woman Needs

Every woman’s experience and circumstances are unique to her.  Your capabilities, beliefs, environment, resources, skills, and desires are unique to you.  But the great thing about this fact is that the transformation you need can be specifically tailored to your mental wellness through the following:

  1. Clarity
  2. Self Care
  3. Mindset
  4. Action
  5. Resilience

Just like using any road map, you cannot get to where you’re going without first knowing where you are.  So the first step of Clarity simply means that you needs to figure out a number of things related to how you feel, what you want, you’re biggest problems to fix.

Make Over Your Evenings

Next, you absolutely MUST implement a self care routine that is profound.  Most women believe self care is just washing their face and brushing their hair each day and they’re good.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Simple grooming etiquette is completely different from self care.  You need a very deep set of habits, routines, and practices that nourish each part of yourself (mind, body, spirit) on a daily basis.

Third, you’ll need to fortify your mindset when it comes to every aspect of your life.  There’s more to a healthy mindset than just thinking positively.  You must develop yourself on a very personal level so that those building blocks you need in your foundation are built, solid, and immovable.

Then you’ll need to restructure your values into your time, productivity, and specific actions you takes each day.  This isn’t just reorganizing your schedule and getting yourself motivated in front of the mirror.  Although those things can be important to some, there are levels of action that come from the previous steps you’ve experience (clarity, self care, mindset) that affect exactly what decisions you make about everything in your life.  Thus you’ve become more in control of your life than ever before after building up to it from the right angle.

Finally, supporting yourself in building resilience with the new structure of your livelihood that you’ve just built is crucial.  You cannot expect to go from one step to the next in a straight line along this journey.  This is about building upon something beneath and keeping everything strong all along the way for the rest of your life.  Certain practices and ideas must become ingrained in your mind and continuously acted upon in order for your desires to be fulfilling.

Results You Truly Want In Life

You’re starting from a place of:

  • feeling all your hard work and success is never enough
  • constant overwhelm and stress about everything that you have to do
  • wanting more time with your family and better relationships
  • missing having fun
  • feeling powerless and beaten
  • tired of doing everything for everyone else, at work and at home
  • thinking your dream will never be fulfilling like you hoped

How You Can Reach An Ideal Well Being With This Simple Path

You’ll end up in a place where:

  • positive strength and excitement are your dominant emotions on a regular basis
  • you’ll have a tailor-built solution just for you that you can constantly refer to for the rest of your life, unique to your own values and aspirations
  • the results you wants will be measurable and distinct
  • looking back, you’ll realize you found the fastest route to fulfillment you wished you’d found it years earlier
  • you can see positive growth in every aspect of your life
  • your experience in your career or business is finally gratifying and you feels powerful in your role

Because I saw such a huge need for this solution for women, especially as breadwinners and mothers, and wish I had had it myself when I was in your place, I created the SP5 program to help solve these challenges.

The exciting thing is that you are becoming aware of the need for mental wellness in your life.  My SP5 program fits this need.

After putting the SP5 program into place for yourself, you’ll see yourself becoming more than you ever thought.  Your influence in turn will affect those around in a drastically positive way.

Results you’ll see in supporting the mental wellness side of your life:

  • you’re loved ones will see the light back in your eyes and wonder what your secret is
  • you’ll feel like you’ve discovered your purpose and everything is coming together like magic
  • your physical pains and lack of energy will subside because your mind and body are supported
  • tension, discontent, and conflict are gone from within as if you’re finally whole for the first time
  • you’ll be looking ahead with joy and it will be easy to let go of that which was holding you back

Now  You Have To Take The Next Step

Let’s see if the SP5 program is right for you, so go ahead and schedule a breakthrough call with me here.  Let’s chat and I’d love to help you find the right map for your life so that you’re journey is no longer a confusion.

Above all, with all that we desire for ourselves, by providing you the tools and life skills necessary to help, it’s never a waste to enhance the inner structure of YOU.  Take the next step and contact me so that you can make up for lost time away from the life you desire.

Breakthrough Call


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