Illuminate Event



I’m so excited to finally share this with you! My team and I have been working behind the scenes to finally bring to you an event that will help illuminate your life.

In essence … I created the event that I wish I had had years ago when I was trying to figure out myself.

To help reveal the best parts of you that were forgotten. Through enlightening experiences, we help you radiate again and rediscover your magical joy in life.

Our Purpose of ILLUMINATE

Your such a driven person. You work hard, accomplish most of your goals, have a wonderful life, and others compliment you on how successful you are and how much good you’re doing.

But deep inside you feel like it’s all a lie. How can the place you’ve found yourself in be the best there is? You know there is some level of joy and fulfillment that can be had, but for some reason you don’t feel it now.

One day you woke up and realized that everything you’ve accomplished isn’t what you thought it was. You don’t feel the way that you hoped it would all feel. So what’s missing? What is it that you haven’t figured out yet?


You are not alone in your journey. In fact, you probably don’t even want to admit that this is how you feel. I promise you that you’re just like so many others seeking to light up their life better than they ever have this before.

This event is going to ILLUMINATE your awareness, understanding of yourself, and put a spark back into that fire you so long have desired to feel in your life.

You’re Going To:

  • discover the missing pieces in your life that will fill up the empty parts of you with joy
  • shine light on the the biggest problems that are blocking your way to clarity and fulfillment
  • have your loved ones see the light back in your eyes and wonder what your secret is
  • feel like you’ve discovered your purpose and everything’s coming together like magic
  • find out who you truly are underneath all of life’s experiences and lables
  • learn how to connec to the flow of energy that makes you feel vibrant every day
  • release feelings of loneliness and false beliefs of not being enough
  • rediscover what your dreams and aspirations are you’re bessed to enjoy
  • finally feel the conviction to accept what makes you happy without denying it
  • receive the roadmap to fulfillment and resilience so it’s no longer a mystery

It’s going to be a day full of connection and revelation so that you can truly illuminate your life with such clarity that you’ll leave knowing exactly who you are and your next step.

Illuminate Event

Our Speakers

We have a great lineup of some of the best inspirational and illuminating mentors that you’ll be blessed to hear from. Each is unique and has the right message for you.

We’ll be hearing from transformational leaders that have trained thousands of individuals how to discover their purpose, step into their power and learn how to make their purpose driven businesses profitable and LIVE BIG.

Speakers will be announced as we move closer to the event! Be sure to follow the event on Facebook for more real time announcements!

And right now, early bird tickets are just $17! So grab a seat because it’s going to be a small and comfortable group. I’d love to see you there!



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