Perseverance When Your Actions Aren't Producing Results

Perseverance When Your Actions Aren’t Producing Results


One of the hardest things, especially for someone that consistently takes action and follows inspiration, is when the exact thing you know is right, actually doesn’t work at all.

You get an idea.  You receive a clear sign from your intuition.  And your energy confirms that this is the thing to do.

Then you act on it.  You do it in full faith, expecting the outcome to manifest itself exactly as you visualized.

And it falls flat.  The result is the very opposite of what you moved toward.  There is no work around.  There is no plan B.  There’s just vivid and distinct results that tell you this isn’t going to work.

I’ll give you an example so this all makes sense.

When Your Actions Don’t Produce The Inspired Results

A few months ago, I was at a business retreat having a great time.  I know that the reason for me to be there would become clear as I paid attention to my energy and intuition.

I had a conversation with a wonderful new mentor friend, and as we talked, we both knew that we were supposed to work together.  She felt a clear connection.  I felt a clear connection.

I went home from that retreat with a certainty that having her as my mentor was the best next thing to do.  I meditated on it, asked, and received the confirmation this was my path.

When You’re Doing Everything Right

At the moment though, I did not yet have sufficient funds to sign with her immediately.  No worries, not a problem.  I knew the solution would come.

I pondered specifically on what I needed to do in order to welcome and receive the amount of money I needed to work with her.  A clear prompting came and I was excited that I knew what to do!

I had no doubt.  I was certain.

I went home with a strong confirmation about the next steps.  I was nervous, for sure, because my higher power told me that I needed to ask a certain individual for the money.

This person was someone who I was not close to, I had no idea of their financial situation, and I would never intentionally ask them for anything like this at all.

And I did anyway.  I asked him.  I explained that because our home was being sold soon, he’d receive the money paid back in full with interest.  We were cashing out a lot of equity and there was nothing to worry about.

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Then Failure Seems To Strike

He said no.  I thanked him for listening.

I paused for a few hours that afternoon, wondering why things happened this way.  I was certain that because I’d followed my intuition, things would work out just right.

I was a bit sad and confused, because this was something I knew was the next step.  Yet, it fell flat.  I thought, why would my intuition steer me wrong?

It took a few days to get over that moment.  For the first time in a long while I was mad and hit something. And then I recognized how I was feeling and processed it quickly.

Then I remembered something that I learned years before.

There’s Always A Positive Reason Behind Every Seemingly Negative Result

Sometimes your intuition directs you to do something so that you know exactly which is direction is incorrect.  Maybe you simply need to know what not to do.

Maybe you need to learn greater patience. Maybe you need to focus on more goodness, blessings, and abundance.  Maybe you’ll never know what you need to learn.

Unfortunately, most people let such an experience pull them even lower.  They give up.  They decide to not trust so much in their higher power.  They doubt.

This is the very thing that will guarantee you loss of joy and fulfillment.

How To Still Persevere When You Feel Your Intuition’s Let You Down

You may be thinking, “But Sarah!  How can I go on after something like that?  Doing everything right and it doesn’t work out?”

How many successful people have also had a huge trial after following inspiration?  Did they keep going?

How many individuals do you know that kept going, STILL say to keep going no matter what?

These are the moments when our sheer character and fortitude is sharpened or dulled.

These are the moments when our sheer character and fortitude is sharpened or dulled.  So how do you keep up your perseverance amidst a major chasm of defeat?

1. Recognize that miracles are taking place alongside the tragedies.

You may never know the reason why intuition’s guidance didn’t follow through as you thought.

You WILL continue to grow in ways unseen when you remember the law of polarity, choose the brighter path, and keep filtering out the weeds in your mind.

The moment that you choose to doubt, allow your pain and frustration to win on a permanent basis, or hang onto the defeat out of spite … you’re halting your progress.

So know that no matter what the reason is for your intuition’s guidance, it’s better than you could ever recognize.

2. Hold onto the deep reasons why you’re doing what you’re doing.

When you forget the purpose behind the action, you become just like everyone else, adrift in this world.

Always, always, always … regularly reflect on your why’s that make you cry, your reasons behind your reasons.  When you hold that purpose with everything that you do so it’s never dropped by the wayside, you’ll never feel regret.

3. Feel the pain and process it effectively.

Our emotions are a wonderful thing!  They indicate exactly when our outer actions align with our inner being’s highest desires.

Don’t suppress them.  Feel them and let them go.  Recognize why you’re feeling what you’re feeling.  Then accept the result as the very thing you’re most blessed to experience because you acted how you knew you should have.

It is easier to persevere when you follow these three steps.  It certainly takes practice.  Your weaknesses and triggers will certainly be challenged.

Validate yourself.  Open up to the more powerful you, and trust that what is happening to you is exactly the best thing for you right now.

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When All Is Said And Done

As for my story, I did end up working that lady.  It was a few months later, and at times I felt like I’d missed some opportunity.  And I knew that it all worked out for the better anyhow.

Maybe it was time for me to have my perseverance and faith truly tested.  Maybe I’ll never know the exact reason for that outcome.

I do know that not all results are physically seen or felt.  They are puzzle pieces to the miracles that are absolutely taking shape.

So the next time you are feeling like your intuition is letting you down, reflect on your feelings.  Do you really want to doubt in your intuition?


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