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Business Growth Stats

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From Google Analytics, a third of the traffic comes from organic searches through Google.  This is due to active SEO tactics I’ve implemented across the entire platform.  Since 57% of traffic comes from social, mainly Pinterest, I have focused growth strategies through Pinterest that you can see below.

MNBB organic search stats

Using Board Booster Analytics, you can see the dramatic increase of Pinterest followers (blue line) compared to the industry norm (gray line).  This is due to the Pinterest strategy I have implemented for this business account, maximizing the potential of traffic from Pinterest.

MNBB pinterest growth

From Google Analytics, you can see the total sessions from traffic for this account before and after this Pinterest strategy was implemented.  Specific Pinterest growth tactics were started the first of July 2016 and you can see the dramatic increase from then on, leading to 100,000+ page views per month for this website.

MNBB sessions growth

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