Simple Income With Sarah

Not everyone wants to build a huge six-figure business! Simple Income With Sarah shows you how to take your current skill or hobby you love, and use FREE or inexpensive tools online and monetize it. That’s it!

Each week, you’ll receive a private training on the EXACT topics that YOU want to learn about in order to generate more income.

  • using live videos on sell on Facebook
  • making money from a blog
  • setting up your own online store
  • generating income without having products
  • how to become a virtual assistant

Founding Member – $10/month

Monthly access to private training and Facebook group.

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Pro Member Access – $77/month

Monthly access to private training and Facebook group. PLUS a monthly personalized coaching call!

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Take what you love to do and monetize it–no experience needed. Never waste time or dollars with confusing methods and systems.

Signup above and then check your email. We’ll send you a link to join the private training group and all the other details. See you soon!