“Sarah Beth Prince speaks with confidence and poise.  I feel intrigued as I listen to Sarah as she captivates my interest.  She has wonderful flowing stage presence, vocal variety, and natural body language that emphasizes her points and conveys her message.

She is a delight to listen to and learn from.  I continue to look forward to learning from Sarah.”  – Christine Clifford, Toastmasters International



“I could tell from the first word of her speech that Sarah Prince is a passionate and confident speaker.  Her enthusiasm about her topic of choice drew me in immediately; I wanted to hear what she was so excted to share!

When she relates her personal experiences she’s very candid, and it made the whole audience pause and reflect on the lessons she’s learned.

I’m an event planner, and the next time a client wants to energize a group, create a heartfelt call to action, or make a lasting memory for their audience, I know who to call.”  – Craig Clifford, Boys & Girls Club


Miranda Nahmias TestimonialI would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who’s looking to get the weight of content creation lifted off of their shoulders!

Sarah was extremely helpful when I was too busy to write blog posts for my site. I’d send her ideas or outlines, and she’d send back a perfectly written post that I could just plug into my website and publish! Sarah is such a great writer, and was able to immediately understand the tone and theme that I wanted in each post — and that’s really hard to find!

She’s super professional, a good listener, and always finished tasks on time.” – Miranda Nahmias, www.mirandanahmias.com


Heather Farris testimonial“Sarah created pin templates for me in Canva. She did just a wonderful job and the templates are just stunning. Not only did she go out and find photos but she completely customized them to my branding.

My pins have taken off since she created these pins for me with one pin picking up over 250 repins in ONE WEEK! Her ability to create stunning graphics is an outstanding skill to have.

A lot of people do not have the ability or the eye to create graphics that convert. Sarah has that and more!

She has an incredible turnaround time and great communication skills.” – Heather Farris, www.blissfulintent.com


Lindsey Mozgai Testimonial“Sarah took a lot of the social media scheduling weight off of my shoulders. She was able to create videos for me to use and instruction for future VA’s all while maintaining her current work load.

Her quality of work has had a positive impact on my business.  Sarah’s daily check-ins and ability to take on new tasks on a whim was great. There were some days where I had new tasks for her that I didn’t know of ahead of time and she was able to complete them the same day.

Sarah is by far the best social media manager I’ve had to this date.  She is able to get things done quickly, and is a really fast learner. She was able to completely take over my platforms without me lifting a finger.

Her communication skills were excellent. She sent me daily emails letting me know what was done each day as well as if she had any questions. She was always easy to get in touch with when I needed her and was quick to respond to email.

I can’t recommend her enough!” – Lindsey Mozgai, www.pennypinchinghomemaker.com