The Best Of All Gifts For Working Moms On Mother's Day

The Best Of All Gifts For Working Moms On Mother’s Day


The Best Of All Gifts For Working Moms On Mother's Day

Being a working mom is exhausting.  Mother’s Day is coming and I’ll bet that you really just want a nap!  I sure do.

Sometimes the right gift for Mother’s Day that keeps on giving is exactly what you need.  The flowers and candy is sweet for the moment, but wouldn’t you rather have something to always look forward too?

I have discovered a most excellent gift that is perfect for the working mom, especially entrepreneurial moms.  Now if you don’t blog or run a business, don’t shy away now.  If you love planning, organizing, or creating intentional plans with your life, you’ll enjoy this too!

Best Of All Gifts For Working Moms

Recently I’ve starting loving the idea of monthly subscription boxes or services.  Now I’m talking about something that’s purely useful, not just some throwaway magazine or collection of toys you give to the dog.

This subscription box is exactly what will not only bring a huge smile to your face, but also a huge smile each and every single month.  It’s called Sparkle Hustle Grow and it’s genius!

Each month you’re sent a collection supplies, resources, and treats to help support you as a working mom.  Every box is different, but here’s a sampling of what has been in recent boxes.

Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Boxes

Last month’s box for March 2017 had $88 worth of products and goodies.

  • the book Big Magic, to help you embark on dreams with passion
  • a video training course on graphic design called Crazy Easy Graphic Design
  • matching business card holders for your office and purse
  • and more!
March Sparkle Hustle Grow Box
March 2017 SHG box, image courtesy of Sparkle Hustle Grow

Looking back, the February 2017 box was worth over $235 and contained:

  • the book No-BS Guide to Silencing Your Inner Critic, for focusing on your personal growth and self love
  • a fun and unique hand lettering course and the tools to go with it
  • a little bag to store your pencils and planners essentials
  • and more!
February 2017 Sparkle Hustle Grow Box
February 2017 box, image courtesy of Sparkle Hustle Grow

Then back a little farther at the first of the year, January’s box contained $249 of valuables like:

  • a video training course from Stephanie Melish on Business Coaching
  • a beautiful Crystal Kim Designs necklace as a reminder that beautiful things are made under pressure
  • a 2017 desk calendar for your office space
  • and more!
January 2017 Sparkle Hustle Grow Box
January 2017 SHG box, image courtesy of Sparkle Hustle Grow

So what exactly can you expect every time in a Sparkle Hustle Grow box?  Clearly they vary, but there’s a consistency that you can always look forward to.

What’s In A Sparkle Hustle Grow Box

Beyond the three highlights I’ve listed for the recent boxes, there’s always a little more.  You get 4-6 items each month and they’re all designed for you to do well with your business, support your efforts, and inspire the creative mind you have.

  • an online course or tutorial
  • a book, resource, or planner
  • office supplies that are always fun and unique
  • a treat that may or may not be edible

Along with a box, you get access to a Facebook group that’s only for subscribers.  You can chat, share, and learn from each what you’ve been enjoying about each month’s box.

I really love this idea because you can be with like minded women that are going through the exact same trainings and courses you are, or even reading the same books.  I love that!

Have you ever tried sharing something you’ve learned recently in the entrepreneurial space that nobody understands?  I have.  Being able to network and chat with other women who ‘get you’ is so refreshing.  The Sparkle Hustle Grow box is just that!

It’s more than a shipment of goodies each month.  It’s a way to grow, reach beyond your means with the help of others, and enjoy what you’re doing along the way.

It’s a way to grow, reach beyond your means with the help of others, and enjoy what you’re doing along the way.

No one should have to work in an environment that isn’t uplifting.  Sparkle Hustle Grow changes that and provides a way for your to fully express yourself and move your business and dreams forward.

Sparkle Hustle Grow

Pros & Cons

I don’t believe that a product or service is 100% satisfactory from all its customers.  But Sparkle Hustle Grow is pretty dang close to that 100% mark in my book.  Here are a few of the positive and negative aspects I’ve found with Sparkle Hustle Grow.


  • it’s always a surprise that’s unique each time
  • every item delivered is useful for your needs
  • the training resources are from professionals in your space
  • the office supplies are always coming at a time when you need them
  • the books are themed on a focus for the month or time of year
  • it’s automatic and you don’t have to worry about renewing
  • you can unsubscribe at any time
  • the total value of what you receive is always more than what you pay
  • shipping is a flat rate that won’t change
  • it arrives within a week of shipping
  • you can always go back to the resources time and time again
  • the community of women you can network and grow with
  • there’s a separate little shop where you can add a few additional items you may need


  • shipping is only available to the United States
  • you cannot specify when you will receive your box

So out of 15 reason I’ve personally come up it, the weight is 13:2 with positive reasons leading the way.  To me that is far more valuable than a technically minor reason of not being able to enjoy your box exactly when you want.  It will come.

The reason the boxes are shipped at the same time is each month is to save you the shipping costs.  When they do everything all at once for every subscriber, the savings go back to you!

Sparkle Hustle Grow Website

How Much The Sparkle Hustle Grow Box Costs

Speaking of savings, I mentioned that you’re receiving a lot more value than what you’re actually spending on the box contents itself.  You can get your Sparkle Hustle Grow box for only $39.95!  And the shipping on top of that is only $5.

So for a grand total of $44.95, your investing in yourself, your business, and your motherhood joy continuously.  Lately I’ve become a huge proponent of take the time and effort to invest in yourself, and your business if you’re an entrepreneurial woman.

You will grow in more ways a lot faster than trying to just wing it and sacrificing everything to get there.

The Best Part

And just to jump start your Mother’s Day and monthly joy, I was able to get you $5 off your first box when you subscribe!

You have to use my link below, and it will be applied at checkout.  So that’s essentially getting your shipping for free the first time you try your Sparkle Hustle Grow box.  My treat!

You’re a smart women to give your husband or lover the nudge and say, “I want a Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription box for Mother’s Day.”  Heck, if you’re not wanting to depend on him to get it for you, there’s no reason why you can’t spend a little something on yourself this Mother’s Day.

>> Get Your Sparkle Hustle Grow Box <<

Now you’ll have to tell me what your favorite item is in next month’s box.  You can tag me on Facebook or share a link to your post in the comments of you unwrapping your box.  We’ll all have a lot of fun with that!

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day and make sure to get yourself a gift that keeps on giving.

What do you want for Mother’s Day?


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