You Always Receive Miracles In Disguise

You Always Receive Miracles In Disguise


I used to work for a medical company in a corporate project management role.  One day, after being there for 3.5 years with no issues, my boss reports to me that there have been complaints.

  • I’d been making mistakes that others had to work over time to cover. 
  • That I wasn’t communicating effectively at all. 
  • The fact that I wasn’t at my desk during lunch hours. ( <– that one really blew my mind)

I felt like my manager did not truly believe my perspective, and that whomever had issues with me, their word was more substantial.  That day I felt burned.  I was beyond confused.  

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Sure I’d made mistakes here and there, just like everyone.  And it seemed to all just attack at once.  I did my best to remedy the situation.  Unfortunately it got worse.

Right after we all came back from the Christmas holidays, the very first hour I was there, my boss called me into his office again.  

It was more of the same.  I felt like he was describing someone that had stolen my identity and smeared it all over my good name.  My mind couldn’t process how this was happening.

Then I finally got clear on one thing.  

I told him that I wanted a different job.  I’d still fulfill my obligations thus far.  He promised to help me find another role I preferred.  

Of course, that didn’t happen at all. 

Confusion Begets An Epiphany

That day I had an epiphany and long overdue realization that I disliked my career.  I had spent 6 years getting a bachelors degree in a field I mostly didn’t like.  

Yes, there were aspects of what I’d studied that fascinated me.  Overall though, the reality was that I sat in time wasted meetings all day, and worked on spreadsheets and reports for years. 

How exciting.

So my word for that year became “quit.” You know how some folks like to start off the year with a single word that will help them create what they desire for the year?  This was the first time I’d done that.

I wrote QUIT in my planner.  I’m not a quitter, as in when I make decisions I following through.  (Hence the six years of college.)  

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I quit things that no longer serve me.  This career was not serving me.  Sure it paid the bills and had good benefits.  I had vacation time and could use the workout room, go on a walk with the nearby trails. 

To some, it was a great place to work.  I had convinced myself the same.

And when I decided to quit, I knew it was time to find something better that brought life back into me again.  So I set out to work my side hustle so that it replaced my income.  Then I would say the magic words to my boss.

Blessing In Disguise

Low and behold, God shined on my life four months later. 

I was laid off.  Out of a company with 1,500+ employees, I was one of 47 they let go.

I was so elated!  I walked out of that place beaming and free as a bird.  

What You Need To Know

This has been the biggest crossroads of my life because my life dramatically changed after that.  And what I learned from this experience is two-fold.

ONE:  never follow what the world defines as realistic for everyone.  It’s a lie. 

You were never meant to grunge it out for decades in order to barely scrape by and tell yourself that you should be grateful and that you’ll be happy with what you have.

What a load of crock.

You were blessed with unlimited capability the moment you were conceived!

There is no reason that you need to stay in a situation that you don’t love.  Yes, there are aspects of every situation that doesn’t light us up as bright as a firework.  

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You can STILL create a life exactly how you want and love it.  No matter what it looks like.  You just have to take the step and believe in it.

TWO:  whatever you focus on with righteous intent, the beautiful energies of this universe will do everything they can to help you.  

You will always be surprised in a beautiful way when a miracle happens that provides the result you seek.  

You’ll never know when it’s coming.  You’ll never know exactly what will happen, even if you plan every detail.

And when you are aware enough, intentional enough, and positively seeking with graceful humility … it will come. 

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Miracles Still Come

Even though I didn’t end up needing to quit my job or hand in a notice, I still received exactly what I desired. 

So even when something happens for you that most will categorize as negative, your choice is to see the miracle in it.  Many people were so sorry and worried for me because I’d lost my job.  

I wasn’t.

I praised God that day and felt such a glorious flow of energy and exhilaration that I know was meant just for me.

It works for you too.  


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