Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Working Moms

Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Working Moms


Perfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Working Moms

It’s so funny how your New Year’s resolutions to eat better always get ruined by Valentine’s Day.  Your hubby comes home with this enormous box of chocolates and you cannot help but devour them.  I’m the same way.

I can’t let a special occasion go by without some sort of delightful celebration.  But sometimes waiting to see if your husband will actually catch on to exactly what you want can be an annoying lifelong process.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Yes, you want the flowers and the chocolate.  Maybe even the cute underwear or fuzzy teddy bear.  But most of those gifts don’t last.

I know you’re a mother that works hard, is devoted to living frugally, and you want to make the most of every moment.  So let’s stop wasting time and make sure that your husband knows exactly what you want for Valentine’s Day.

As a working mom myself, here are my favorite Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

A Day At The Spa

I would LOVE this!   I cannot wait until I have reached the state when I can get a massage and facial at least once a week.

Relaxation is SO important, and it’s completely okay to do it alone.  Maybe encourage your husband to get a couples package, or just an all day pampering bundle for you.  Whatever it is or wherever you go, enjoy yourself!

Check for awesome deals through Groupon in your area.  It’s even better to combine that with some extra cash back through Ebates.

So if he walks in with your flowers and an awesome gift certificate sticking out from the middle, that would be fantastic!  Imagine …

A Day At The Spa

Success Planner

I know it’s February now, but I’m sure that you likely forgot to get yourself a new planner this year.  I know that I did.  Then sometimes what you grab off the shelf at Walmart just doesn’t cut it.

I really like this Inner Guide Goal & Success Planner because it focuses on your priorities.  Beyond the regular monthly and weekly spreads, you’ll find areas to plan and track your:

  • weekly intentions
  • prioritized weekly goals
  • mindfulness of the quality of your thoughts
  • being present in the balance of your life
  • spots to journal and reflect on your accomplishments
  • inspirational quotes
  • personal and professional goal tracking
  • clarifying questions about where you are
  • tips and priority categorizing
  • self-care tracking and journaling

It’s great!  I love being able to put my personal development right alongside my financial goals because everything truly ties together.  As a busy working mom, I know that you’ll love this planner.

As your first entry, you could schedule in your spa day. 🙂

InnerGuide Goal & Success Planner

Trunk Club

For when you don’t have any time to shop for new clothes, but hate what you see in the mirror …

There’s a defined line between cheap clothes that don’t last and expensive outfits that you’ll never wear.  You want something that fits you, accentuates your beauty, and still doesn’t break the bank.

That’s why you should have your husband get you a subscription to Trunk Club.  This awesome service helps you find fashionable clothes with a personal stylist while never setting foot in a store.

You get your ‘trunk’ with 15-20 items of new clothing and accessories to try on for 10 days.  Then you simply keep what you’d like to buy and send back the rest.  Easy!

It’s like getting presents in the mail on a regular basis and you don’t ever have to worry about wasting time searching for new clothes.

It’s like getting presents in the mail on a regular basis and you don’t ever have to worry about wasting time searching for new clothes.

Make Over Your Evenings

Brilliant Mug

I’m sure that you have long days full of early mornings and late nights.  So whether you’re sipping coffee or relaxing with tea, having a mug that exemplifies your personality can really be uplifting.

That’s why I like Jane’s Mom Inspired Mugs right now.  They’re simple, to the point, and really keep you going in more ways than one.  Pick your favorite phrase:

  • Caffeinate Like a Mother
  • Dear Naps, I’m Sorry I Was a Jerk to You as a Child
  • Go Ask Your Father
  • I Can’t Adult Today
  • I Woke Up Like This #Tired
  • I’m Extroverting Please Talk to Me
  • I’m Introverting Please Go Away
  • Mom Knows Best
  • Mommin’ Ain’t Easy
  • #Momlife
  • Nope
  • Seize the Nap
  • This May Be Wine
  • World’s Greatest Nap

I would go with ‘Mommin’ Ain’t Easy’ and ‘I’m Introverting Please Go Away.’  Love it!

Mom Inspired Mugs - Mommin' Ain't EasyMom Inspired Mugs - Im Introverting
No matter what gift you get this Valentine’s Day, remember that any sign of love is rewarding.  You work hard and deserve so much.  But remember that no matter what, you create the life you love.

So if you don’t get anything you want, save up this month and get yourself a treat.

>> Master Your Savings Budget Blissfully<<

If you do end up getting a box of chocolates, no fuss.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?




  1. We don’t generally celebrate Valentine’s day but I do enjoy a good box of chocolates. That is good enough for this frugal chick! I do have a spa day coming up though next weekend that I received for Christmas. Little did I know my husband would be foretelling the rough January I would have.

    1. Everything seems to happen for a reason. 🙂 I’m jealous of your spa day, Heather. Hopefully, someday, we’ll get to do a spa day together at some fancy hotel at a conference we attend. Enjoy it!

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