Six Essential Ingredients For Spiritual Healing

Six Essential Ingredients For Spiritual Healing


Your spiritual side, I believe, is the most unique part of what makes you YOU.  It needs to be strong or you’re going to falter all through life.  You can strengthen it by:    

  • Having regular conversations with your higher power  
  • Meditating until you love it  
  • Holding your conversations in your heart  
  • Adding prayer to your meditation in order to receive more inspiration  
  • Studying written words that align with your higher power  
  • Spending time in sacred places  

After I applied these things into my everyday routines, I found that my connection with my higher power was continuously open and receptive for more guidance.  My spiritual healing had reached a new level.

This is going to raise your trust in yourself, your faith in your higher power, and build a strength that will support you beyond what your eyes can see in acting on your dreams.  

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Fuel Your Spirit For Growth

I’ve consistently heard many of my role models and successful individuals say that with everything they’ve gained or built in their life, it wouldn’t have happened without the clear spiritual experiences they’ve had.    

Deeply at the core of your very being is a spirit, soul, life force, whatever you want to call it.  It’s what literally makes us alive.  It existed before this life and it exists after this life.  And when you nurture that eternal part of yourself, your life can only become more magnificent and clearer while following your heart’s desire.    

Why?  Because this is WHERE your heart’s desires come from!  It doesn’t come from your brain, it comes from your heart, and your spirit feeds your heart.  No matter what you believe, worship, or devote yourself to in this area of your life, we’re going to make it stronger.    

Here’s what you’re going to do to nourish your spiritual side.  Remember, this is what I’ve done, still do, and what works for me.  Your unique connecting with your source is your own.  Once you start implementing these steps, you’re going to feel and know more of what your connection looks like and how best to nurture it.    

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Have Regular Conversations With Your Higher Power    

This isn’t always prayer or just thinking constantly about problems and hoping an answer will reveal itself.  This is you, talking with your source as if they are a person in the room.  Yes, out loud, just like how you talk with your best friend.    

You can be angry, happy, sad, joyful, upset, whatever.  Just start talking about how you feel, what’s on your mind, what’s going on, what you need help with.  Trust me.  As you’re getting ready for the day, at the bathroom mirror, just spill what’s on your mind.  Talk about how you feel and tune into how your body is feeling.   

Ask questions that you’re seeking answers for.  Explain what you’re doing and how you feel about your progress.  Talk about your day as you’re getting ready for bed.  Speak of what you wish had gone better, what you learned, and what you hope for tomorrow. 

You won’t have to do this forever, but it will open up understanding that you’ve lacked and help carve a new channel.  Then you can sink into one of these next steps as your go-to standard.  

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Meditate Until You Love It 

If you’re new to meditating, it’s not as complicated as it seems.  It’s not about making your completely free of thoughts or getting into a hypnotic or Zen-like state every time.  It’s also not about perfecting how to find instant peace from the very beginning.  

It’s really about just finding some calm and quieting your mind, tuning into your heart more than your brain’s constant stream of thought.  It’s helping to clear a path to greater clarity and less tension.  It opens the door wider for inspiration and focus to receive impressions and new ideas.  

I recommend downloading the Head Space app and just following through the first ten guided meditations that are free.  Do this every day for a month until you start feeling the effects of what a calm mind actually is.  This takes time, I know.  But we’re going to build upon this.   If it’s rough at first, that’s okay!  This is going to evolve and you’re going to love it.  

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Hold Your Conversations In Your Heart 

So now, instead of speaking out loud, move those conversations to speaking from your heart.  It’s not stressing over and over about issues in your mind (that’s called anxiety).  It’s holding a space at your very center that carries your current conversation.   

Imagine the ideas and conversations you’re having with your higher power as physical images or words that are floating in the air in front of you.  They’ve come from your head and you’ve organized them visually.  Now imagine them being absorbed right into your heart, and being held there for safe keeping.   

What would that feel like?  What warmth would your current thoughts and conversations have after being placed in your heart?  They’re not shut away and forgotten.  They’ve clearly protected and visible, free from the attacks that your brain or mind may try to inflict.   

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Add Prayer To Your Meditation 

At the end of every meditation, turn it into a sincere prayer.  Take those conversations you’ve placed in your heart and open them up to send higher.  Ask for guidance on those things you’re striving for.   You don’t have to worry about how your structure your prayer or formalize it.  Just pray to your higher power how you feel it’s best to address them with reverence and respect.  

This is a way to receive even more guidance and impressions to act on if you’re not doing this already.  Whether or not you get an answer, it’s of no consequence.  Any answers to your questions or impressions that you need will come at the right time.  

But what you’re doing is tuning in to a higher frequency that is even beyond yourself.   You’re instantly increasing your positive vibration through increased faith, trust, and yielding to something far powerful than yourself.  This in turn puts your higher power on your side with everything you bring to it.   

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Study Written Words That Align With Your Source 

This could be your scriptures, religious texts, writings from leaders in your faith, energy healing teachings, etc.  The miraculous thing about reading these sorts of things is that you can read the same words multiple times in your life and come away with a new understanding that’s applicable to where you are right now.   

Quite often guidance comes in the form of written text, even from thousands of years ago.  And it’s so interesting that the more we discover how to become more spiritual, we learn that beings alive thousands of years ago new how to do it better than we ever can, and they don’t get enough credit for it. 

Every morning I listen to recorded talks from my church leaders as I drive to the gym or are dropping off my kids. Then each night I read my scriptures before and study related messages with my family.  Almost always, something sticks out to me, or I’m caught in an “aha” moment because I’ve just heard exactly what I need to hear.   

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Spend Time In Sacred Places 

Your environment heavily affects your spirit.  When you’re allowing your spirit to spend time in a sacred space, it’s like a spa for your soul.  This could be your home, a significant or peaceful place in nature, temples or religious buildings.  There is a clear spirit you can feel in places you hold sacred that may not be as clear when you’re in the middle of everyday life.   

Your ability to connect to your higher power is magnified because all of your surroundings support this connection.  I personally try to spend time in my faith’s temple each week, and the most profound pieces of personal revelation I’ve received for my life have been in the temple.   

When you combine the inner heart, mindful brain, spoken word, and prayerful connection with an environment that brings peace, there’s not much to hold you back from acting in a manner that ultimately follows your heart.  

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My Spiritual Healing Journey

My source of high power is my Heavenly Father.  For you, it may be God, nature, Gaia, mother earth, higher self, intuition, the Universe, life force, etc.  So feel free to substitute your high power whenever I refer to my Heavenly Father.  Perceive as you choose in this matter.  

I was at a point where I truly wanted to know how to receive my own personal revelation in my life in multiple ways.  For me, this is the same as epiphanies, ideas, impressions, or guidance.  I knew that there were clearly vivid and distinct experiences I’d had in the past that were big sort of bolt of lightning moments when I received an answer to my prayers.  

But I wasn’t sure about how to exactly receive things just as quickly and simply when pondering what I needed to do with everyday things.  Sure, I’d used muscle testing to tap into energy and get simple “yes” or “no” answers for things.  It’s just, sometimes that’s not a personal connection building tool.  And then it can take really long to figure things out because you have to ask “yes” or “no” questions over and over again.  

After I made some changes with how I communicate and tap into conversation with my Heavenly Father, I started receiving quick little answers to everyday things I would ask about.  I started feeling more faith and trust in my source because my actions, even when they made no sense, started leading me down paths that opened up doors unimagined.    

The key thing I did was start to meditate and ponder differently.  Not just think anxiously about things over and over again.  Meditating with key things and key feelings playing at the same time.   

When you do the same, you’re going to get to a level where you’re consistently confident in trusting your higher power that following your impressed actions isn’t difficult.  Then as an added benefit, you’re going to have a connection with your high power that you’ve never had before, easily accessible, and quick to receive from.  

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In Conclusion 

Without your spirit or soul being nourished, you literally don’t have a life worth living.  Do you know someone that is just so broken inside, that you feel it’s a miracle that they’re still here?  When someone gets to that point, that’s when suicide and severe problems are rampant.  You will never be in that category when you: 

  • Have regular conversations with your higher power  
  • Meditate until you love it  
  • Hold your conversations in your heart  
  • Add prayer to your meditation in order to receive more inspiration  
  • Study written words that align with your higher power  
  • Spend time in sacred places  

Go through each of these steps until you find your rhythm with your spirit and how it connects to your source.  You may end up expounding into a complex meditation routine that incorporates many other things. You may find that talking aloud to your source is the best thing for your connection.    

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Just Imagine How Things Will Change For You

Some of the most profound experiences of my life have been in sacred places doing these things for myself.  And I never doubted the feelings and impressions that I received, so it became very easy to feel supported and strong enough to act on them.   

Imagine what it’s going to feel like when your energy of spirit is so in tune in such a setting!   Image how bolstered and filled with light your soul will be as if it’s going to burst!  So tap into it.   

Do just one of these steps I’ve outlined, and share your experience.  I want you to fuel your spirit in one of these six ways (or any combination), and then tell me what the pivotal part of your experience was.  Comment it below, or share it in our Facebook community here.  

Your enlightenment will not only serve you, but assist someone else reading your story.  I’ve shared my story, now it’s your turn to be a light to another and share yours. 


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