The Best Printables You Need For 2017

The Best Printables You Need For 2017


The Best Printables You Need For 2017

It’s a new year.  I think that we can all agree that 2016 was a bit of a bomb.

I learned a lot.  I’m sure that you learned alot.  Now, let’s move on and make 2017 SO much better than 2016 … please! 🙂

You don’t have to have a New Year’s resolution or drastic life-changing goal to move forward.  You can take small steps, then turn them into leaps and bounds ever single day.  But it takes planning.

Why Planning Makes A Difference

There’s something about planning and writing things down that I love.

  • checklists
  • task outlines
  • to-do lists
  • essential guides

They all accomplish something that an app or program cannot do.

When you physically write down things that you desire, it creates a positive force in your universe that can be set into motion.  It’s kind of like what’s taught in the Jack Rabbit Factor.

Placing desires, feelings, goals, and words on paper is much more permanent and meaningful than the darkened pixels you’re reading on this page.  Digital things can always be erased.  Words on paper are much more difficult to get rid of.

Make Over Your Year

Printables For A Better Tomorrow

So I want you to think about what you desire in your life.

  1. How are you going to get there?
  2. What steps do you need to take?
  3. Where are you going to learn more and get help you need?

What better way to do that than with free printables and downloadable guides to set you on your path?

I’ve put together a list of all of my favorites so that you have them all in one place.  It really doesn’t matter when you start focusing on improving your life.  What matters is that you DO.

 It really doesn’t matter when you start focusing on improving your life.  What matters is that you DO.

So, here are the printables that I know will set you up for a better tomorrow.  The trick is to use them! 🙂

Blissful Intent

My dear friend, Heather, from Blissful Intent is a passionate mother all about intentional living.  Whether you want to be more intentional about your family, personal-care, finances, you name it … she is all about it.

Heather has a free resource library with a number of printables for any need you have.  Right now she’s added an excellent personal-care printable pack that you can use to focus on yourself first.  And I love them!

Blissful Intent Personal Care Printable Pack

You can access Heather’s printables in her resources library in this post right here.  I’ve been working on greater self-care focusing so that I can do my best to serve others.  Hope you do too.

Redefining Mom

If you’re all about a major overhaul of just about everything in your motherhood regime, my friend Monica Froese from Redefining Mom has the bundle for you!  She has an ultimate list of the best life organization printables that you can imagine!

She has everything in almost every area of your life.

  • budgeting planners
  • organization guides
  • cleaning checklists
  • meal planning

Redefining Mom Budgeting Printables

You can access her list of 20+ of the best printables for your life right here.  One of my areas of focus for this new year will be my meals and how I eat.  So the meal planning printables are on my list!

Just A Girl And Her Blog

If you haven’t met Abbey Lawson yet, I’m so glad that you’re reading this.  She runs Just A Girl And Her Blog full of fantastic home and business projects.

Abbey Lawson Home Binder

Now I know that she’s had her Home Binder post out for a few years now, but it’s a stellar post!  You can get a walk through of her personal printables that she uses every single day to manage her home and life.

  • goal sheets
  • calendar planning
  • household projects
  • even school info

If you’ve been wanting to get some better structure for your home, this is the perfect way to start.  Get Abbey’s printables right here.

Finding Time For You

Let’s not forget though, you cannot even making time for improving your life if you don’t focus on your priorities first.  Back on My Natural Baby Birth, I teach moms how to do this for their pregnancies.  But it’s ABSOLUTELY applicable to you right now too!

So I’ve created two free printables on doing just that.

  • Finding Time For You
  • Putting First Things First

The Best Printables You Need For 2017

If you want Finding Time For You, click right here.  For Putting First Things First, that one’s right here.  Enjoy!

Planning Makes Progress

You know that saying, “Practice makes perfect?”  (Which totally isn’t true, by the way.)  Well I say, “Planning makes progress.”

If you don’t write things down, the universe will never know your intentions.  You can never progress in life without having something physical to look back on.

So let’s make 2017 your best year ever!

What printables are you going to start using?




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