You Can Do Hard Things


So, you know how I’m always telling you that you can do hard things?  Take it to heart.

The Hard Things You Can Do

Let’s just get positive for a moment and reflect on why you should believe me.  If you haven’t experienced any of these, you sure will sometime.

  • you take care of and keep tiny humans alive
  • you push your body to its limits when you exercise
  • you work to change yourself from the inside out (and we all know that doesn’t happen over night)
  • you cry on the floor in your bathroom, then pick yourself back up
  • you go to work every day and put up with negative people

Even after all of this (and who knows how much more), you keep going.  You don’t quit.  You accept your role and responsibilities without complaint.

It’s hard.  It’s hard to keep going.  It’s hard to drag yourself out of bed.  It’s hard to do all that is expected of you when you didn’t even ask for it.

But you know what?  It’s a badge of honor for you.

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You Can Do Hard Things

You can do everything many others can’t do.  You can be on the brink of exhaustion and still keep going.  You are amazing!

  • you have the divine gift to use your talents for expressing joy
  • you are taking the time to celebrate your life by supporting your mental health with posts like this one
  • you have a dream inside of you that you’re paying attention to and striving to bring to life
  • you’re validating yourself and never quitting

That is worth celebrating!  This is something that should be shouted from the rooftops and broadcasted every single day!  It’s something to never forget!

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Time To Remember It

I know you’ll have the days when you look in the mirror and just hate what you see.  That you have no desire to cook or clean or do anything at all.

You’ll have the moments when you hate what you have to do and truly rub it in your husband’s face.  In fact, I remind my husband at least once a month that I’ve given birth, and that’s why he should do the thing I’m asking of him. 🙂

I remind my husband at least once a month that I’ve given birth, and that’s why he should do the thing I’m asking of him.

Remembering your abilities and what you’re capable of goes a long way.  It spurs you on to keep going and reach higher plains of livelihood.  You can remember how far you’ve come in life and what you’ve been through.

When times get rough and you’re down in the dumps, you can think back on all of the amazing things you’ve already accomplished and know you can get through this.

It’s always time to remember that you can do hard things.

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Time To Wear It

That’s why I LOVE this shirt I wear because it reminds that I can do hard things.  It in turn helps you remind others, no matter their place in life, that they can always do hard things too.

I want you to have something that you can wear proudly because it will inspire you as well as others.  Your light can shine as far as how brightly you glow.  When people see this, you will lift their life for a moment.

When you see this in the mirror, you will remember the reason you put it on in the first place.  I proudly wear mine and honestly wish I had more than one. 🙂

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Let’s remind the world that we can do hard things!  Let’s inspire others to keep going and let their light shine on others.  Wear your tee PROUDLY and let them know the same things that you already know for yourself.

What hard things can you do?


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